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Aerospace Team Graz

The sky is no longer the limit

We are a team of motivated students located in Graz that aspire to build an aerospaceteam. Our current project is the development of a rocket in order to participate at the spaceport america cup in 2021. Nevertheless there will be other projects in the future too!


News Board

Recruting Day

The foundation of the ASTG team. Many rockets and aeronautical enthusiasts met on the day to be part of a huge and exciting project. The most diverse modules were presented and the actual aim of the project was explained.
If you also want to become a member of the ASTG team then contact us. It is never too late.

Further education is very important to us!

Therefore, we completed a course for pyrotechnic solid-state motors, which taught us the basics of legal regulations, safety-relevant guidelines and the most important technical content.
Furthermore, all participants are entitled to apply for the P2 pyrotechnics card for the product groups of rocket engines, modules, activators and ignition devices. In this way we guarantee maximum safety for everyone involved when using pyrotechnic articles.

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Our Modules

Yellow safety first road sign with rivets

Discover our modules

Join the Team

Currently, we are in the research phase in which each team member engages in his tasks.

Joining is still possible!

Just join the telegram group and search for the group link to the module you want to join. 

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